LG’s new super-bright CineBeam projector will outshine your TV

LG's new super-bright CineBeam projector will outshine your TV
LG's new super-bright CineBeam projector will outshine your TV

The new flagship LG HU915QE CineBeam  delivers a powerful 3,700  lumens of light output, far outperforming  most of its competitors in the ultra short throw projector family. Now you can enjoy a huge image even during the day with open curtains!

The LG HU915QE produces a 3m diagonal projection from just 18cm away from the screen. Therefore, “short-focus cameras”, harmoniously merging with the interiors of buyers, look more preferable compared to their traditional counterparts. If you wish, you can move the projector even closer to the wall, so from a distance of 5.6 cm you get a still impressive 2.3 m diagonal image .

Other characteristics of the  LG HU915QE are also on top. The device is equipped with an advanced triple laser light source that delivers detailed 4K HDR images , and offers a number of technologies aimed at improving image quality.

So,  Dynamic Tone Mapping performs frame-by-frame analysis of the video signal to automatically adjust the brightness depending on the scene,  Brightness Optimiser II dynamically controls the same parameter, but already depending on the ambient light, and  Adaptive Contrast optimizes the contrast, which, by the way, reaches an impressive degree of 2 000 000 : 1 .

The LG HU915QE runs on the same smart  webOS platform as LG TVs  . This means that the owners of the projector have a huge selection of content to view. In addition, with  Bluetooth  and  AirPlay 2 technology, you can easily display videos from your smartphone on a huge screen. And another feature that makes  the LG HU915QE a completely versatile device and a worthy alternative to a TV is the built-in 40W 2.2 configuration audio system .

The design  of the LG HU915QE is carefully thought out to make the device look like a piece of your interior. A special role in this is called upon to play upholstery made of expensive  Kvadrat fabric , which creates a feeling of home comfort.
“The new CineBeam  projector  embodies LG ‘s latest technological advances  , delivering outstanding 4K  images from the smallest distance. This device is a great choice for those who want to create a real cinema experience in their own home. In addition, the L G HU915QE projector is equipped with a range of useful features, easy to install and configure, and has a carefully thought out and stylish design,” the company said.

LG CineBeam HU915QE will hit the market in May-June this year. The price of the device has not yet been announced.