Nomvdic P2000UST-RGB: 4K Ultra Short Throw Triple Laser TV Projector

Nomvdic P2000UST-RGB: 4K Ultra Short Throw Triple Laser TV Projector
Nomvdic P2000UST-RGB: 4K Ultra Short Throw Triple Laser TV Projector

NOMVDIC, a leading innovator in home entertainment technology, announced its all new 4K ultra short throw triple laser TV projector, the P2000UST-RGB. This flagship product from NOMVDIC takes the display experience to the next level, establishing a novel benchmark for both image quality and audio excellence. It is now available for $3,299.

The P2000UST-RGB triple laser projector features 4K resolution and HDR10 and HLG support, as well as 0.22 ultra short throw, which allows users to enjoy a 100-inch cinema-grade entertainment with the projector placing a mere 6.8 inches from the wall.

Equipped with state-of-the-art triple laser technology powered by ALPD® 4.0, the projector delivers vivid, lifelike colors image that achieves full 100% BT.2020 color gamut, making every scene come alive with astonishing clarity and depth. Moreover, its 2500 ANSI lumens brightness ensures an impeccable visual experience, even in rooms with significant ambient light.

All-in-One Home Theater Solution

The P2000UST-RGB is an all-in-one TV projector with exceptional audio capabilities and effortless installation, making it a convenient and versatile option for transforming any living space into a home theater. This projector incorporates both Dolby Audio and DTS decoding and is complemented by dual Harman/Kardon customized speakers, thus providing optimal audio and reducing the need for additional sound equipment.

NOMVDIC is committed to creating more intelligent audiovisual solutions; in the P2000UST-RGB, it features exclusive AI image optimization (AIIO) technology. This includes 4-corner adjustment, warping adjustment, and MEMC frame interpolation technology, which not only makes the projected image more outstanding but also harmonizes with various living room settings and arrangements.

TV has long been the center of home entertainment. However, with rising consumer expectations for superior home quality, the demand for varied display solutions has increased. NOMVDIC is dedicated to developing home entertainment products that transcend traditional displays— beyond the conventional screen—and offer unparalleled home theater experience.

Key Features of NOMVDIC P2000UST-RGB 4K UST Triple Laser TV Projector:

  • Immersive home cinema with 4K UHD/HDR10/HLG support​
  • 0.22 ultra short throw; project 100” large screen from 17cm (6.8 inch)
  • Up to 150” cinematic experience
  • Unmatched hues: RGB triple laser powered by ALPD® 4.0 tech​nology; achieves 100% BT.2020 color gamut
  • Richest sound: 50W Harman/Kardon customized speaker & Dolby & DTS decoding support​
  • Daytime viewing like never before with 2500 ANSI lumens brightness​
  • Versatile connectivity with Wi-fi screen mirroring, Bluetooth, and various TV sticks support