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Rumors: JVC to Unveil Laser Phosphor Series Projectors in September

Rumors: JVC to Unveil Laser Phosphor Series Projectors in September

Rumors that JVC will present a new series of projectors based on proprietary D-ILA technology in 2021 began to appear immediately after the cancellation of the offline part of last year’s IFA exhibition. The pandemic thwarted all plans, and with the new standards, everything is not completely clear in order to force the update of the N-series in 2020. Now there are details about the new series.

According to insiders, JVC will present at least three new D-ILA-models in September , which in theory should replace the DLA-Z1 and part of the N-series models – most likely the DLA-NX9 . Their main feature will be BLU-Ecent laser-phosphor light sources, which differ from the usual rotating phosphor wheel, which works not for transmission, but for reflection.

Apparently, there will be no static phosphorus element, as in the DLA-Z1 – it requires a too complex cooling system. But the sources themselves in the models will be different. It is assumed that the younger model of the new series will have a luminous flux of about 2,000 lm, the middle one – 2,500 lm, and the older one – 3,000 lm, which cannot be achieved only with the optics and software settings.

At the same time, the basis of the projectors will most likely remain the same as that of the N-series models – their housings and modular design initially assumed the installation of more powerful and complex light sources. Naturally, the new projectors will also receive an optical system with mineral glass elements and, for sure, with anti-reflective coating in more expensive models.

But the sources cannot yet confirm the presence of HDMI v2.1 and support for “game” formats like 4K120 – the situation with the supply of chips is too difficult today.

It is also not yet clear whether the N-series will remain in the company’s lineup. But it will most likely remain, because JVC will need to fill the niche of mid-range projectors with something. Nothing is known about the prices for the new models yet. We are waiting for details closer to September.

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