Samsung Premiere: A projector that fits into any interior

Samsung Premiere

Home is the space that best reflects our preferences, needs and tastes. This is manifested in the choice of furniture, interior items and is important when purchasing home appliances. Therefore, Samsung Electronics designers prioritize how objects will fit into the living space and everyday life of users.

Samsung premiere - a projector that fits into any interior

TV The Serif from the Samsung , released in 2016, became the embodiment of this approach and the first of indoor TV company. Thanks to its design, it can be easily combined with the aesthetics of the room. Likewise, The Frame , in the form of a picture frame, turns a switched off TV into a work of art.premiere projector adheres to the same concept.

When creating a projector, Samsung designers thought not only about the main purpose of the device, but also about the possibilities of its interaction with the user. premiere was designed with the needs of everyday life in mind, not just the moments when the owner is enjoying the content. The result is a design that fully takes into account the surrounding space.

Samsung premiere - a projector that fits into any interior

Perfect combination with any environment

Instead of creating a device for rare use, the designers developed an ultra short throw projector that can also serve as a TV. The main goal of premiere is to provide users with a cinema experience at home. The designers have gone beyond the task to show how the look of a product can complement the space in which it is located.

“premiere is a premium device packed with cutting edge technology, ” said designer Jigwang Kim . “ However, in spite of their functionality, projectors lose their appeal if their design does not match the aesthetics of the room. We developed the layout and then tested how it looks in the living space to make sure we are creating a product that can become one with the space. ” As a result of this painstaking process, premiere’s materials, appearance, color and dimensions are responsive to the user’s lifestyle . 

Samsung premiere - a projector that fits into any interior

“Natural” projector

premiere doesn’t look like your usual projector: the device is finished with woven material that helps it blend naturally into any space. Known for their premium shades, textures and upholstery, Kvadrat textiles have become a design complement. However, the process of integrating into the product was not easy: due to the fact that the Kvadrat fabrics are so dense, there was concern that they could degrade the sound quality if they covered the speakers. Therefore, after extensive testing, a special fabric was developed, and as a result, the projector received a great appearance while maintaining high sound quality.

Samsung premiere - a projector that fits into any interior

Slim lines and minimal space

It takes experience to create a harmonious home interior. Especially considering the set of items and devices that each person now possesses, and the desired level of personalization. premiere has a sleek, sophisticated design with no unnecessary accents and a minimalist rounded shape with a slim silhouette. The look allows it to blend well with any item, wherever you place it – on a desk or on a bookcase.

The biggest hurdle designers faced in achieving this was the downsizing of the device. The more advanced technologies are used in technology, the more space it takes up. The creators of premiere aimed to create a laconic object that differs from the usual volumetric or rectangular projector design. This was achieved through fine tuning of the position of the chips, lens, speaker and fan, constant changes and discussions with the teams. The noble and soft colors of premiere have been specially selected to create a pleasant feeling of warmth in the wearer.

Samsung premiere - a projector that fits into any interior

Close and simple

The location of household appliances in the home usually depends on their function. Finding a convenient location for a projector can be challenging as users have to consider not only their desires, but also their installation requirements. premiere does not cause any of these problems, as it can be freely positioned wherever you want with no hassle. With ultra-short focus technology, premiere directs laser beams upward instead of forward, displaying a large screen even when close to a wall. This allows users to place the projector wherever they want and enjoy watching the content.

Samsung premiere - a projector that fits into any interior

Vibrant colors in any light

High image quality is necessary for full viewing of content on a large screen (up to 130 inches), no matter how far the viewer is. Also, for maximum effect, the content color should be vibrant regardless of the time of day. premiere is equipped with triple laser technology and HDR10 + technology for maximum color reproduction, and with a 2,000,000: 1 contrast ratio, every detail is emphasized. Finally, a maximum brightness of 2,800 ANSI lumens means ambient lighting won’t interfere with your viewing.

Samsung premiere - a projector that fits into any interior

Deep sound without unnecessary accessories

Sound is one of the most important elements of a home theater system. Since the power of the speakers installed on projectors is usually insufficient for impressive cinematic audio, users usually have to install additional speakers to achieve the desired sound quality. However, premiere delivers a whole new level of sound. Model LSP9TComplemented by Speakers with Acoustic Beam Technology: 44 acoustic holes facing up, left and right create immersive surround sound that fills the entire space. Despite the fact that such a system takes up space inside the device, the designers were able to ensure that it does not affect the size of the projector: the precise internal design allows the use of surround sound technology even in a small case.

Samsung premiere - a projector that fits into any interior

premiere was designed to be a projector that compliments, rather than stands out, a space. This aesthetic decision was unanimously adopted by the Samsung team to create a product that could match the environment, actual use situations and consumer preferences. Thanks to this approach, The  Premiere is characterized by a design that fits naturally into everyday life and into any interior.

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