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Samsung The Freestyle: A portable and powerful projector

At CES  held in January, Samsung introduced a new portable projector The Freestyle . As the name implies, the developers pursued the goal of creating a versatile and flexible device. Indeed,  The Freestyle can be used anywhere and anytime according to the preferences and lifestyle of projector owners. To reveal this statement,  Samsung has  prepared a brief overview of the benefits of new items.

1. The more the better: the big screen becomes available to everyone

The bigger, the better. This expression fits perfectly with the size of the image. With the zoom function, The Freestyle allows you to enlarge it by 50% without moving the projector. The maximum image size in  Full HD quality is 2.5 m diagonally.

Sports matches are especially spectacular on large screens, conveying the amazing atmosphere of the stadium. Get together with your friends to cheer for your favorite team, and you will get the same feeling as if you were personally present at the game! The Freestyle  ‘s large picture and high-quality sound  will provide you with spectacular viewing not only of sports, but also of other programs, such as concerts and documentaries about nature.

In addition, you can enjoy enlarged photos from  Android  and  iOS smartphones by transferring them to the projector screen using the mirroring function.

2. The Freestyle is a great travel companion

Going on a trip or a hike, be sure to take  The Freestyle with you . Moreover, the device has a compact size and weighs only 830 grams.

With this projector, you can enjoy viewing anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors.

3. Comfortable viewing in any room

If you love the comfort of your own home,  The Freestyle  lets you view anywhere in the room as this projector quickly adjusts the image on its own with autofocus, auto-alignment and auto-keystone correction as soon as you fire it up.

The design of the projector allows you to rotate it 180 degrees, making it easy to find a good projection without moving it. How do you like the idea of ​​watching a movie on the ceiling while lying in bed? And if you feel sleepy,  The Freestyle  can be turned off with just one voice command. You can also use your voice to ask the projector questions, turn on music, open applications.

What’s more, with  The Freestyle  , you can give your interior a special atmosphere by projecting picturesque landscapes, photographs or creating lighting effects in honor of the holiday on the wall. And pleasant music from the speaker of the projector will make your event unforgettable.

By the way,  The Freestyle  can serve as an excellent Bluetooth speaker thanks to high-quality 5-watt sound that extends 360 degrees.

The price of the projector, indicated on the official website, is $650. The Freestyle also offers a range of accessories.

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