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ViewSonic M2e: Portable Full HD LED Projector

ViewSonic Corporation unveiled the latest M2e portable LED projector . The new product in the M series of smart portable LED projectors is equipped with Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology, which provides instant autofocus adjustment. ToF technology allows the ultra-light, portable M2e projectors to automatically focus in just 1 second, which is 3-5 times faster than is possible using standard adjustment methods. These projectors offer unrivaled optical fidelity and ease of setup, while a portable design lets you work and enjoy your entertainment content from the comfort of your home.

ViewSonic M2e - Portable Full HD LED Projector

“We are constantly looking for innovative solutions and opportunities to develop and modernize our LED solutions. M2e is just the result of such work. The company’s projectors are becoming smarter, easier to use and more user-friendly, ”says Maria Solovyova , Marketing Director of ViewSonic. “ ToF technology is a new milestone in the development of home projection equipment. As people spend more time at home, the M2e will be in demand among those who would like to enjoy great picture quality with their family and loved ones . 

ViewSonic M2e - Portable Full HD LED Projector

Instant autofocus thanks to ToF technology

ToF sensors are Lidar light detection and ranging technology without scanning. The technology determines the distance by the time of passage of photons from the sensor emitter to the object, while the accuracy of the determination does not depend on the surface properties of this object. The sensors also provide highly accurate linearity and detection range of up to 3 m with full coverage of the environment.

Typically, after installation in a new location, projectors require refocusing: to do this, you need to activate autofocus by pressing a button on the remote control or manually adjust the focal length ring. Thanks to the built-in gyroscope, the M2e projectors automatically detect changes in location and instantly focus the image using ToF technology . Instant autofocus is not only more accurate, but also faster, as it is completed in just 1 second, which is 3-5 times faster than normal autofocus, not to mention manual adjustment of the focal length ring.

ViewSonic M2e - Portable Full HD LED Projector

Easy to Use Portable LED Home Projector

The M2e projector is designed specifically for viewing any type of content, whether work or entertainment. It is very light (the device weighs 1 kg) and extremely easy to set up and connect. Thanks to its size and weight, the M2e can easily fit into a bag or backpack.

Instant Power On / Off, Instant Focus and M2e Auto Keystone let you easily set up your projector. Plus, thanks to the ergonomic stand, you can set a comfortable projection angle. ViewSonic M2e is external connection friendly. You can broadcast or duplicate visual content from a smartphone to a large screen via Wi-Fi , and audio can be streamed via Bluetooth . And for streaming, you can use a USB Type-C cable .

ViewSonic M2e - Portable Full HD LED Projector

Playback quality of audiovisual content

The ViewSonic M2e projector offers a range of features to play content and create an immersive experience. Users will appreciate the crisp Full HD resolution and cinematic color performance with 125% Rec. 709 color gamut coverage and ViewSonic’s 2nd generation LED technology that delivers 80 ” diagonal images from just 2.1m away Low temperature LEDs and unique thermostatic design allow you to fully immerse yourself in the content. Combined with great sound quality thanks to two built-in speakers from Harman Kardon M2e projectors open up endless possibilities for entertainment.

ViewSonic M2e - Portable Full HD LED Projector

In addition, the ViewSonic M2e is equipped with blue light filtering technology that protects users’ eyes from eye strain during extended viewing.

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