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XGIMI Horizon Max: Retro style projector with two light sources

XGIMI Horizon Max
XGIMI Horizon Max

XGIMI, a renowned manufacturer of home projectors, unveils its latest model, the Horizon Max, featuring a design reminiscent of vintage radios.

Equipped with optimized ISA 5.0 Intelligent Screen Adaptation technology, the projector automatically identifies the optimal projection position on the wall and stores the settings for each surface. Enhanced with an internally installed 3D ToF sensor, it analyzes the surrounding environment for optimal performance.

XGIMI Horizon Max

XGIMI Horizon Max

Utilizing the Dual Light 2.0 system with dual light sources—a phosphor lamp and a triple laser—the projector achieves a wide color gamut while minimizing image defects.

With a picture brightness level of 3100 ISO lumens, the Horizon Max offers a 35% increase compared to its predecessor, the HORIZON Ultra, introduced last year.

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