Xiaomi launches a new laser projector for home theater

Xiaomi launches a new laser projector for home theater
Xiaomi launches a new laser projector for home theater

Not so long ago  , Xiaomi  was known only as a major smartphone manufacturer. However, today this Chinese company produces the widest range of household appliances and consumer electronics.

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The other day it became known about the release by the Chinese of a new projector under the brand  Xiaomi Full Color Laser Theater . Let’s start with the fact that the price of the device is 7,000 yuan (about 95 thousand dollars at the current exchange rate), and its sales in China will begin in April. It is an ultra short throw projector based on advanced  LCoS technology, providing 95% coverage of the BT.2020 color space  . Another new feature is the RGB  triple laser light source  for improved image quality, a  first for Xiaomi  .

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The luminous flux of the device is 1400 ANSI lumens, and the resolution is  Full HD . For ease of image adjustment, autofocus and auto-keystone correction are provided. The size of the created projection is up to 3.8 m diagonally.

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The device is equipped with a 6-speaker audio system with  DTS  and  Dolby support, and Chinese WANOS technology is used for panoramic surround sound  . The projector runs on a  proprietary MIUI TV smart platform . For external connections, the device is equipped with  HDMI ,  USB  and  LAN connectors , as well as  Bluetooth  and  Wi-Fi modules .

The supply  of the Xiaomi Full Color Laser Theater  projector to markets other than China has not yet been reported.

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