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Deco Voice X20 – Wi-Fi 6 mesh system with Alexa voice assistant

TP-Link introduced at CES 2021 the first mesh-system with built-in audio speaker and a voice assistant Alexa – Deco Voice X20 . The device combines the ability to create a seamless mesh Wi-Fi network and the function of the Amazon Alexa voice assistant . Thanks to its laconic module design and unique technical characteristics, the mesh system was awarded the CES 2021 Innovation Awards .

Deco Voice X20 forms a mesh-network standard Wi-Fi 6 and lets you manage it with the help of built-in voice assistant Alexa . Mesh-system provides high-speed connection standard AX1800 for Wi-Fi and Gigabit connection via cable with minimum latency throughout the home thanks to technology Wi-Fi 6 and the Mesh . Thanks to the built-in Alexa assistant, the user can control every aspect of their smart home without the need for a separate smart device, such as a smart speaker. In addition, Mesh Wi-Fi technology will allow the user to quickly and efficiently access the Internet, and the presence of speakers in the modules will allow audio playback in different rooms.

Deco Voice X20 - Wi-Fi 6 mesh system with Alexa voice assistant

TP-Link is working to integrate smart home devices and Mesh Wi-Fi because it will provide additional value for our customers. Our company strives to create solutions that provide wide and efficient wireless coverage. The Deco Voice X20 has been designed to explore the future of the smart home.

said Pingji Lee , general manager and vice president of TP-Link’s consumer and enterprise solutions .

Deco Voice X20 adopts Wi-Fi 6 standard to provide fast wireless speeds, stronger signal and stable connections. Wi-Fi 6 support allows multiple devices to handle a wide range of demanding tasks without sacrificing performance, delivering high performance Ultra-HD streaming , fast file downloads or lag-free online gaming. Support for OFDMA technology significantly improves the quality of a large number of devices on the network. Mesh system Deco Voice X20 forms a wide Wi-Fi coverage up to 350 sq. meters (set of 2 devices) with amplified signal, BSS Colorand Beamforming technology .

Deco Voice X20 - Wi-Fi 6 mesh system with Alexa voice assistant

Built-in Alexa features ensure high-quality sound and convenient voice control. Deco Voice X20 lets you control your smart home devices, check the current weather, make changes to your schedule, play your favorite playlists and much more. All the user needs to do is ask Alex.

Deco Voice X20 is compatible with other Alexa- enabled products and other Deco models . TP-Link Mesh technology connects Deco Voice X20 with other Deco devices into a single network, and the built-in speaker in each Deco Voice unit syncs with each other, providing stable Wi-Fi coverage and support for voice control. The built-in Alexa assistant allows you to control TP-Link Tapo devices as well as many smart home products that support Alexa .

Key features of Deco X20 Voice:


• Ultra-fast Wi-Fi 6 speed: 1 201 Mbps (5 GHz) + 574 Mbps (2.4 GHz);

• TP-Link Mesh technology: move around the house and stay connected at maximum speed;

• Built-in Alexa assistant: voice control of the home with Amazon Alexa;

• Built-in smart speaker: audio throughout the house with superior quality;

• TP-Link HomeShield: provides reliable protection for IoT devices;

• Full Gigabit Ethernet: 2 Gigabit WAN / LAN ports;

• Installation just got easier than ever: step-by-step instructions in the Deco app;

• Works with all Deco models: Compatible with all Deco models for network expansion.

Source – TP-Link .

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