HomePod gets ARC functionality when connected wirelessly to Apple TV 4K

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Owners of a bundle of Apple TV 4K – HomePod (or even two HomePods in stereo mode) will be able to use the capabilities of the ARC audio return channel and its extended version of eARC. Although, as we already reported , the HomePod wireless speaker is discontinued, software support for this product continues.

ARC over HDMI supports Apple TV 4K. It is also capable of transmitting all the sound from the TV to the HomePod wirelessly.

For the Apple TV 4K – HomePod set to work correctly in the audio return channel mode, you need to select HomePod as the output device in the Apple TV settings. Here it is necessary to mark the Audio Return Channel parameter. And if the TV supports this technology, everything should work.

Recall that in ARC mode, the audio system connected to the TV (in this case, the HomePod) works as its component. It turns on with the TV and its volume is adjusted with the TV remote control. This is especially useful when watching cable TV, for example. HomePod mini does not support these features.