Philips Hue bulbs are now in sync with Spotify

Philips Hue bulbs have learned to sync with Spotify

Philips Hue smart bulbs can now be synced to music streamed from Spotify by linking the Philips Hue app to your streaming service account. This is done using the Hue Sync tool on a computer, although integration using a smartphone is also possible. In any case, a “unique immersive” experience is promised.

The principle of operation of Philips Hue in this case is based not on the analysis of the sound spectrum, as it was in old-school color music devices, but on the use of the unique metadata of the track being played. They allow you to create an “advanced lighting scenario”. The result is that the light changes not only rhythmically, but also, according to the developers, corresponds to the mood of the music. The brightness, intensity and color palette of the light can also be adjusted to taste.

Philips Hue bulbs have learned to sync with Spotify

The Spotify integration feature can be found in the Philips Hue 4.0 app (currently in early access). However, it is worth trying to go to the Explore section and find the Philips Hue + Spotify button there, which should activate the Sync tab.

All that remains is to follow the pop-up prompts to link your Spotify account to Philips Hue. It is also worth considering that the system is only compatible with Hue Bridge from the second generation.

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