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Fashion meets technology in the ideal choice for stylish ladies- KIESLECT Lora 2 Smartwatch!

Discover the perfect fusion of style and technology!

Introducing the all-new KIESLECT Lady watch Lora 2, designed to provide an unparalleled experience. As a top-tier smartwatch designed for fashion-forward women, the KIESLECT Lora 2 is the ideal choice for your stylish lifestyle, combining exceptional functionality with elegant aesthetics.

To commemorate the 8th anniversary of the brand, KIESLECT Lora 2 will be released on June 12th with an exciting promotional offer, use the exclusive code: KIESLORA2 ($10), the price is only $79 for a limited time. The promotion period is from June 12th to June 18th PST.

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Elegant and Dynamic Design

The KIESLECT Lora 2 Smartwatch features a refined and fade-resistant aluminum alloy frame with a smooth and glossy finish. Its ultra-thin yet sturdy construction embodies high fashion, durability, and flexibility. Weighing only 43g, it is even lighter than its predecessor, ensuring a comfortable and effortless wearing experience. With its slim, streamlined design and lightweight construction, it complements any outfit as a fashionable accessory.

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Convenient Health Management

The KIESLECT Lora 2 is a health-focused smartwatch that allows you to effortlessly manage important health data with just a tap. Equipped with advanced sensors, it intelligently monitors your blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and sleep patterns, providing a clear overview of your health status. It also tracks your menstrual cycle, helping you predict upcoming periods and fertile windows.

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Smooth and Stable Bluetooth Calling

Whether you’re on the go, running, driving, or cooking, the KIESLECT Lora 2 Smartwatch ensures crystal-clear and seamless calls anytime, anywhere. With a stable BT5.2 connection, you can receive, reject, and dial out calls without any worries or interruptions.

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1.3″ Ultra-HD AMOLED Display

The KIESLECT Lora 2 Smartwatch features a refined 1.3″ AMOLED display that delivers bright and vibrant visuals in any lighting condition. Experience clearer, brighter, and faster access to your important data. Its elegant appearance and practical features make it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. With the Always-On Display (AOD) function, you can effortlessly check the time and your step count at a glance, without any hassle.


Hassle-Free Music Player

Enjoy a hassle-free music journey with the KIESLECT Lora 2 Smartwatch . Its powerful built-in music player allows you to stream your favorite playlist via Bluetooth connection. Play, pause, and adjust the volume right on your wrist, keeping the music with you at all times.

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Ideal Choice for an Active Lifestyle

Designed for a healthy and active lifestyle, the KIESLECT Lora 2 offers over 100 sports modes to suit your preferences. It tracks your exercise metrics such as distance, calories burned, and heart rate, motivating you to achieve your fitness goals with real-time statistics. With its IP68 waterproof rating, you can wear the Lora 2 during your daily activities without worry.

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TheKIESLECT Lora 2 Smartwatch not only incorporates these main advantages but also offers other notable features, including an AI voice assistant, built-in games, efficient message replies, and Find My Phone/Watch function. It provides an unparalleled smart wearable experience, redefining your interaction with technology. With the convenient navigation crown, you can easily navigate the watch by simply rotating the crown, enjoying the crisp gear sound without sliding across the screen.

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During the June 12th-18th sale, use the exclusive code: KIESLORA2 ($10), we are happy to present you the KIESLECT Lora 2 smartwatch at an exclusive introductory price of only $79. This sale is not only to celebrate the launch of our new products, but also to commemorate the eighth anniversary of the KIESLECT brand. Over the past eight years, our brand has continued to grow and develop, refining an elegant and beautiful brand style, which has won the favor of many loyal customers. We will continue to enhance our brand and products to provide you with an excellent user experience!


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Founded in 2015, KIESLECT is an innovative brand redefining the smart watch industry. KIESLECT focuses on creativity, authenticity and advanced wireless technology to provide high-quality and stylish smart watches. Guided by our brand philosophy of perseverance and never giving up, we celebrate stories of passion, determination and fearlessness. Through our products and initiatives, we strive to inspire individuals to take on challenges, push boundaries and shape a better world.

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For more information about  KIESLECT Lora 2  Smart Watch and other KIESLECT products, please visit KIESLECT official website.