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Future Apple Watch will be able to measure body temperature and blood sugar

It is already known that Apple is working on a new version of the Apple Watch with a focus on health features. The upcoming novelty should receive a wrist-spanning display and significant performance gains, as well as a special version for extreme sports enthusiasts. Now the Bloomberg edition adds a body temperature and blood sugar sensor to all these innovations.

According to sources familiar with Apple’s plans, the Cupertino giant plans to update its watch line with a new model this year with a faster processor, improved wireless connectivity and a new display (Apple Watch Series 7). Already next year, the company intends to release a new generation of the device along with the SE version and a separate version designed for extreme athletes.

Future Apple Watch will be able to measure body temperature and blood sugar

Apple originally wanted to add a body temperature sensor to this year’s model, but has pushed back its plans to 2022. The 8th generation smartwatch will also measure blood pressure and blood alcohol levels. A sugar sensor that will help diabetics monitor blood sugar levels without finger-stick sampling is unlikely to be ready for commercial launch by 2022 or even a few years from now, but the company also has plans.

For this year’s model, Apple tested thinner display bezels and new screen lamination technology. The updated model is likely to be slightly thicker overall, but users are unlikely to notice. Apple Watch will support improved ultra-wideband (UWB), and an upcoming watchOS update will allow the watch to open doors and hotel rooms. As for the special sports version of the watch, it has been in development for a long time and will most likely be released next year. This will help Apple compete against the likes of Garmin and Casio in the market.

Apple Watch Series 7 renders. Image source: @RendersbyIan

Body temperature measurement has become very important during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has sparked a demand for gadgets that have this feature. Blood sugar monitoring has not yet been implemented by any manufacturer of wearable devices. Apple and other companies today rely on apps that allow users to manually enter blood sugar levels, or offer the ability to sync data with specialized medical devices.

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