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Garmin Enduro: GPS watch with long battery life

Designed specifically for competition and extended training, the new Garmin Enduro smartwatch delivers the longest battery life of any Garmin wearable.

The Garmin Enduro watch has a 1.4 ” always-on display , which even in sunlight gives a great view of data that is easy to view on the go. Solar recharging with Power Glass technology and customizable power modes extend battery life to 65 days in smartwatch mode. A full charge allows the watch to work 70 hours in GPS mode; when using solar energy, this figure rises to 80 hours. Athletes can quickly change settings by turning off some features to maximize battery life.

The Enduro model includes several new training and recovery tools. Many of the features of traditional multisport smartwatches have been enhanced to meet the needs of endurance sports enthusiasts:

VO2 Max for crossover run.

This new indicator for monitoring the level of the cardiovascular system with automatic adjustment depending on the conditions of the track. In addition, VO2 Max also adjusts based on heat and high altitude conditions.

Enhanced ClimbPro function

It allows you to receive up-to-date information on current and upcoming climbs, including slope, extent and climb. For added safety and awareness, the ClimbPro feature also provides user progress data on descents.

Rest timer

The new UltraRun app includes a rest timer that allows you to record time spent at aid points.

Mountain bike

Mountain bike ride details, including dedicated MTB dynamics and grit and flow metrics, help you assess trail difficulty and track downhill times. Using these numbers, you can improve your performance with each subsequent trip.


The athlete’s body must have time to recover between workouts. After each workout, the built-in recovery guidance will give you time until your next intense workout. This data is calculated based on sleep and health indicators.

Recommended workouts

Recommended daily runs and cycling workouts are based on fitness level, current training load and training status.

Like most of today’s Garmin smartwatches, the watch contains innovative features that allow you to monitor your health around the clock. An optical heart rate monitor uses heart rate variability to determine exercise intensity and stress level, while a pulse oximeter allows you to monitor acclimatization to altitude and monitor sleep quality.

Optimize your body’s energy reserves with the Body Battery function, monitor stress and keep track of your water balance, and explore the complete picture of your sleep, broken down into phases of light, deep and REM sleep with the Enduro watch.

Enduro’s built-in Garmin Pay contactless payment system adds comfort to your daily life.

The case of the simpler Enduro version is made of stainless steel. A lightweight version is also available with a ring around the display made of lightweight and durable titanium, with a protective DLC coating. Each model comes with a new durable 26.5cm UltraFit nylon strap.

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