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Garmin unveils MARQ Carbon collection flagship watches in a unique carbon design

Garmin has unveiled the MARQ Carbon collection, three luxury modern tool watches, each crafted from 130 layers of fused carbon fiber. The MARQ Carbon collection, which...
Garmin MARQ Carbon collection

Garmin has unveiled the MARQ Carbon collection, three luxury modern tool watches, each crafted from 130 layers of fused carbon fiber. The MARQ Carbon collection, which includes the MARQ Athlete, MARQ Golfer and MARQ Commander, features a bright AMOLED touch display and a domed sapphire lensed glass. With unique features for each watch, up to 16 days of battery life and premium materials, each new watch has been designed for all of life’s adventures.


The MARQ Carbon collection highlights Garmin’s passion for refined design by introducing an industry-first engineering development: fused carbon fiber. Each watch features a 46mm case and bezel insert made from 130 layers of carbon fiber, making it MARQ’s lightest option. To create the watch case, each layer of carbon is rotated at a unique angle to increase the strength of the starting block. The block is then subjected to a combination of heat and pressure to direct it into the shape of the watch. Several hours of precision machining with diamond cutting tools results in an extraordinary surface with a beautiful spiral pattern that is both strong and light.

Combining luxury and performance, premium bracelets and straps – made from perforated FKM leather, jacquard nylon or silicone – are used in the MARQ Carbon collection and are carefully designed with each user’s needs in mind. And with up to 16 days of battery life, each new watch can withstand even the toughest adventures. And when it’s time to charge the watch, it’s quick and easy thanks to the intuitive magnetic charger that can restore the battery to 100% within an hour.


Garmin MARQ 2 Athlete – Carbon Edition



Ready for any challenge, the MARQ Athlete – Carbon Edition is the ultimate multi-sport tool watch with advanced training, performance and recovery metrics. In addition to tracking daily activity, users can follow their passions with preloaded sport profiles for trail running, swimming, hiking, rowing, climbing, and more, as well as track animated workouts for cardio, strength, yoga, and pilates.

With advanced metrics such as Endurance Scores and Elevation Scores, athletes can measure their overall endurance and ability to run uphill, while the Training Readiness Score assesses sleep quality, recovery, training load and more to determine whether today is worth trying to conquer own records or take a break. Plus, runners can prepare for their next big race with premium training features like PacePro, Garmin Coach, daily training recommendations, endurance status, and more.


Garmin MARQ 2 Golfer – Carbon Edition



To help players prepare for their best round, MARQ Golfer – Carbon Edition comes loaded with more than 43,000 courses from around the world. The virtual gelser offers players club selection recommendations based on wind data, elevation and their swing data, while selecting a club, a new scatterplot determines what obstacles may be in play based on club selection.

Using PlaysLike’s improved distance function allows golfers to know how far each shot is played, taking into account changes in elevation and natural conditions. Along with a membership to the Garmin Golf app, golfers can see the direction of the slope on individual courses right from their watch. In addition, golf course maps now have different biomes based on the location of the course and provide additional information such as trees and cart paths so players can clearly see each section.


Garmin MARQ 2 Commander – Carbon Edition



Designed for any mission, the MARQ Commander – Carbon Edition has a stealth design and is equipped with specialized functions for tactical operations. Designed for day or night use, the MARQ Commander allows users to switch between modes with a display that can be read with night vision goggles. Stealth mode keeps the watch running, but stops storing and sharing information about the user’s GPS position, and disables wireless connectivity and communication.

If security becomes an issue, the watch’s shutdown function deletes all user information on the device. Other features include a dual position format that simultaneously displays two sets of coordinate systems on the same screen, Jumpmaster, preloaded tactical activities, and projected waypoints. For air operations, advanced aeronautical capabilities are provided, including direct navigation to navigation, which allows users to route directly to a location, waypoint or nearest airport, as well as weather reports from NEXRAD, METARs and TAFs.


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