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Google I/O 2022: The Pixel Watch is officially revealed

Google I/O 2022: The Pixel Watch is officially revealed
Google I/O 2022: The Pixel Watch is officially revealed

Google I/O 2022 became the perfect occasion for the company to announce the upcoming launch of multiple devices, including the Pixel Watch. Some of these are scheduled to be on sale within two months and others at the end of the year. Among those due out in July is the new Pixel 6a and Pixel Buds Pro headphones .

However, today we are going to focus specifically on the Pixel Watch, Google’s first smart watch that will finally become a reality in 2022. After a few months of rumors and the occasional leak of images, we now have the first official preview with the corresponding confirmation.

The truth is that the first images have ended up confirming the initial leaks, and these are the most relevant details. The Pixel Watch comes in a circular curved screen face with a clock wheel to go around the clock interface. Additionally we have a flat button to execute certain actions.

Google introduces the Pixel Watch

As usual, for now only the design and interface of some of the applications that accompany this new Google device have been shown. One of them is the integration with Fitbit services; also under the aegis of the company.

Integration with the Google assistant is also guaranteed, with Google Home that will allow you to control home devices from your wrist. It will also feature compatibility with the debuting Google Wallet . In more detail, it was reported that the interface will be presented quickly and smoothly due to the action of the new version of Wear OS and the processor that will integrate the new watch.

What is not yet known are the sizes of the models and the probable launch date; the same happens with the price that remains in the most complete mystery.

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