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Motorola Watch 70 is a reliable watch for less than $100

Motorola Watch 70
Motorola Watch 70

One of the main reasons to get a Motorola mobile device is to be able to save a considerable sum of money in exchange for more than acceptable technical specifications. This idea is also found in its new line of wearables , in which you will come across alternatives such as Motorola Watch 70 .

Motorola Moto Watch 70 is an entry-level smartwatch that will allow you to enjoy the most traditional functions, whether to synchronize with your phone or to keep track of your health parameters or even to exercise in your free time. And the best thing about it is that its final price will not take you over the 100 euro barrier.

A watch without eccentricities

Motorola Moto Watch 70 has a more than correct design

Starting with what you will find on an aesthetic level, for this occasion a rectangular format has been chosen for its main case and a uniform color throughout its entire structure, with strap included, in “ghost” black that looks quite good. at first sight. It is not a model that is too large in its dimensions , so it aims to be used by both the male and female gender.

Motorola Watch 70 comes with a casing made of a zinc alloy, meaning it has good durability, although without being one of the most resistant on the market. Regarding its strap, it has the advantage that it can be interchangeable with any 20 mm model in case you want to give it a little more personality, while it is breathable for those moments of training.

Finally, for its screen you will find a typical quality LCD in a size of 1.69 inches surrounded by a smooth bezel for more than correct viewing from almost any angle. You will be accompanied by options to customize the watch face in more than 100 different ways with your own photos and pre-loaded designs.

The debut of Moto Watch OS

Moto Watch 70 has the basics for a Smartwatch

For those who are not aware of the current situation of this brand, they should know that since 2023 it has decided to leave aside the Google operating system and opt for a proprietary platform called Moto Watch OS. This may be a negative point for some, especially in terms of support or future updates, but Motorola promises you a tighter user experience in return.

With Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity you will have no problem syncing with your Android and iOS phone to receive notifications from your messaging applications, social networks or incoming calls, as well as useful real-time information such as a summary of the weather for the next seven days every morning.

With the idea that you do not have to worry about charging your watch all the time, a 240 mAh battery has been integrated that, according to the manufacturer, can last up to 10 days under normal conditions of use (although if you use it more active the numbers can be reduced by half). When it’s time to charge it, your watch will notify you and you will only need 25 minutes to recover 100% thanks to its fast charging technology.

Classic monitoring of your health

Motorola Watch 70 can measure sleep quality

With no big surprises in sight, the Motorola Moto Watch 70 is good enough to measure your vital signs on a daily basis, including everything from your heart rate, advanced sleep tracking with nightly updates for REM, deep and light sleep, and even synchronized statistics with the Google Fit platform.

Starting with the most relevant thing, the heart rate sensor is in contact with your wrist throughout the 24 hours whenever you are active, the function to generate a continuous graph that will help you understand at the end of the week how your daily activities affect your heart health and try to make changes accordingly.

When it’s time to sleep, keep your watch on and wear it in bed every night to create an effective summary of your sleep quality. You will receive your daily summary through the application that you have synchronized on your phone, especially highlighting its interaction with the Google Fit platform to group your vital sign statistics, number of steps, calories burned and sports activities performed.

If we make comparisons with other similar models, the HONOR Watch 4 can be marked as a watch similar in its aesthetics but that offers you a little more in return, including GPS connectivity and additional functions such as blood oxygen saturation data or stress measurement .


  • Correct design without eccentricities
  • Interchangeable straps
  • Acceptable battery life
  • Quite affordable price


  • No Wi-Fi or GPS connectivity
  • It could have more sports-related functions


Motorola Watch 70 Specifications:

Dimensions 36.5 x 48.5 x 11mm
Weight 48 grams
Colors Black
Screen size 1.69 inches
Material zinc alloy (case), silicone (strap)
Waterproof Yes, IP69
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Integrated GPS No
OS Moto OS
Supported mobile operating systems: Android 8.0, iOS 14.0 and up
Sensors Accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, heart rate sensor
Battery 240 mAh Lithium-Ion
Autonomy Up to 10 days of use
Box contents Watch, Charger cable, User manual
Official site Motorola

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