Oneplus Band

OnePlus Band – First OnePlus fitness bracelet

As expected, OnePlus is opening up a new segment for itself – wearable electronics. The company has announced the OnePlus Band, an affordable fitness bracelet that will first appear in India.

The diagonal of the display of the new device is 1.1 inches. It is interesting that it uses an AMOLED matrix with a resolution of 126 by 294 pixels. According to XDA-Developers, the device even supports the DCI-P3 color gamut.

The battery capacity in the bracelet is 100 mAh. This should be enough for a couple of weeks of battery life. The device also has protection against dust and moisture – IP68 certificate.

OnePlus Band can track 13 workouts, including running and yoga. It can also monitor heart rate, sleep and blood oxygen levels – for this there is an SpO2 sensor. Information from the device will be collected in the Health App.


The device uses Bluetooth 5.0 to communicate with a smartphone and can be used as a watch. music remote control, timers and alarms are also supported.

At the moment, the OnePlus Health App is only available on Android, so you won’t be able to pair the bracelet with an iPhone yet.

OnePlus Band is priced at Rs 2499. The bracelet will cost about the same in rubles. The device will be available in black with a black bracelet, but other colors will be sold separately.

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And now for the bad news – the company has no plans to launch devices in other countries yet, only in India. It is also known that in early 2021 OnePlus will introduce a smartwatch.