Red Magic Watch Vitality Edition: Smaller and more affordable

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Nubia today introduced the flagship smartphone of Red Magic 6S Pro , as well as a series of new accessories and peripherals. The Red Magic Watch Vitality Edition smartwatch was also presented . Earlier this year, the Chinese smartphone maker launched its first smartwatch at the same time as the launch of the Red Magic 6 series.

Now the brand has released a new version of this watch called the Red Magic Watch Vitality Edition, which is smaller and more affordable than the Red Magic Watch. Like the previously released smartwatch, the Red Magic Watch Vitality Edition has a round display with a metal case and two buttons. In addition, the Red Magic Watch Vitality Edition is available in two colors: black and silver.

The Red Magic Watch Vitality Edition gets a 1.19-inch screen, while the original model has a 1.39-inch screen. It is an AMOLED panel with Always On Display support. The new watch weighs 23g ( Red Magic Watch weighs 30g). Like most modern smartwatches, the Red Magic Watch Vitality Edition is equipped with support for multiple sports modes, as well as sensors for monitoring health indicators. The device is priced at $ 77, while the previous version costs $ 100.

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