Vieta launches Pro Beat Extrem affordable smartwatch

Vieta Pro Beat Extrem is a cheap watch with everything you need

Although there are not many people who are willing to spend a large sum of money on a wearable, there are also many doubts about the limitations that those models that are very accessible in price can offer . The truth is that it is not necessary to give up too many features to have a correct device and this is demonstrated by the Vieta Pro Beat Extrem.

Vieta Pro Beat Extrem is an entry-level smartwatch that allows you to have a proper experience on your wrist below the 100-euro line. Through its durable materials and operation with a variety of sensors to keep you monitored and connected throughout the day , do you really need more in a wearable device?

Choosing a conventional style that could be similar to what brands like Apple offer, this team promises a higher quality than what you are used to appreciating among cheaper watches, especially with an IPX7 certification that is resistant to contact with splashes of water . , accumulation of sweat during exercise activities or accumulation of dust for outdoor use.

Vieta Pro Beat Extreme is designed for those people who have a fairly large wrist thickness, since its screen reaches a size of up to 1.96 inches in glass material , while it is followed by a firm metal body with a 46 mm diameter and a rotating crown, accompanied by a silicone strap that is especially useful when using it as a companion for your sports activities.

As expected, the panel has support for color as well as an interface that allows you to choose between multiple designs to give your aesthetics more customization, beyond the fact that only one variant is sold in silver gray for its body and black for its body. what corresponds to his leash. Its official dimensions remain at 26.6 cm in height, 11 mm in depth and 3.9 mm in width, in addition to a total weight of 65.5 grams.

All the sensors you expected

In what corresponds to its operation, Vieta Pro Beat Extrem will probably positively surprise you by allowing you to record your exercise data on more than 100 different physical activities , helping you to keep track of your development much more efficiently. Logically sensors such as the pedometer and accelerometer are essential to achieve this task.

Then, when it comes to its measurement sensors, it is also possible to calculate the number of daily steps, estimate the calories burned or be active at night to monitor the quality of your sleep. There is also no lack of a measurement of your heart rate throughout the 24 hours, blood pressure, stress level and even the amount of oxygen in the blood.

According to the manufacturer’s official data, the built-in battery in this watch promises around 20 days of duration on a single charge , so the idea is that you don’t have to be aware of how much energy it has left every day or suffer from the device slowing down. turn off before you end your day. Then, its magnetic induction charging system makes it very simple and fast to connect.

Synchronization with your mobile device

Vieta Pro Beat Extreme stands out in its price-performance ratio

Although we have achieved a little more performance in manufacturer devices such as the Vieta Pro Fit 2 headphones , a logical operation is maintained here thanks to the Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity that allows it to be synchronized with any mobile device you have (as long as that has an operating system Android 4.4 or higher and iOS 9.0 onwards).

Vieta Pro Beat Extrem has a proprietary platform that is responsible for its main operation as well as an App for phones called Vieta Pro Smart that offers more customization options as well as storing all your previously collected health data so that you can access them on any place or time.

To conclude, although the absence of Wi-Fi prevents autonomous operation, at least you will be able to answer and answer calls, receive notifications from Apps such as WhatsApp or social networks , set your alarm, check the forecast, activate the stopwatch and timer, and even take control of music, enable your camera shutter and the function to find your phone when you can’t find it.

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