WatchOS 8: Apple releases fifth beta for developers

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The developers are pleased, although with some delay, the beta of watchOS 8 is now available in its fifth version for developers , it will bring notable improvements in performance and in terms of bug fixes. After several unsuccessful tests, Apple has finally achieved the desired version and the stability of the new operating systems.

It is said that approximately two months of hard work were required to achieve the most stable betas to date, but despite so much sweat and tears there are still some glitches in the interface in the notification section.

What’s new in the watchOS 8 beta

Every new version brings obvious improvements, but what is most striking are the news, in the case of watchOS 8 it comes with new portrait spheres , improvements in the photos app and with new options to obtain improvements in sleep tracking , As if that were not enough, we are presented with a new organization system similar to that of the iPhone.

With regard to health and fitness functions, a series of new exercises have been incorporated, among which Tai Chi and Pilates stand out. Additionally, the Apple watch comes with the function of calculating the respiratory rate. The new Mindfulness application offers the Reflect function , specially designed so that users can develop meditation habits, it will be linked to heart rate.

It is important to note that in this new beta, the Wallet application will accept different types of keys , either from the house or from the car, and one touch will be enough to unlock the devices connected to HomeKit. The Home application has also been retouched and its design is designed to facilitate the control of the different devices, giving priority to those that are in use.

So far everything sounds wonderful, but it is time to remember that for now watchOS 8 is still an unfinished version, for this reason it is noted that if it is installed it could behave erratically and strangely, it may even render the device unusable, so Unless you have a spare one, the suggestion is to wait until the final version is ready for the public to install it.