NX Studio: Nikon software for viewing and editing photos and videos

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Nikon announced the release of a photo and video application called NX Studio, which seems to have a lot in common with Lightroom and Capture One, but is adapted for branded digital cameras. The company says its new software contains a set of tools that allow you to view, manipulate and edit still images as well as videos.

NX Studio combines the functionality of ViewNX-i and Capture NX-D into a single photo and video solution, including XMP / IPTC data editing and color management points that allow you to customize colors for specific areas. In the future, support for these two programs will be discontinued.

NX Studio has the same interface as other Nikon software products, but integrates all the tools and menus into a new, more sophisticated category structure focused on improving the workflow. The company also promises to speed up the responsiveness of every feature in the app to make the editing process even faster.

Key features of NX STUDIO:

  • viewing and processing photos and videos in one application;
  • an ordered menu that makes it easier to navigate the application;
  • several display options and a convenient shooting information screen;
  • key features of ViewNX-i and Capture NX-D;
  • compatibility with other Nikon software;
  • a choice of two formats.

NX Studio is available free for Windows and macOS computers. You can download it on the official Nikon website .

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