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A.bsolument Prodige: Handmade wireless speaker from France

A.bsolument Prodige
A.bsolument Prodige

The Parisian company A.bsolument has been restoring and upgrading old radios for many years, giving them modern functionality. The company’s first own development is a Bluetooth speaker called Prodige .

The speaker is based on a  Focal TAM coaxial driver , which includes an inverted aluminum-magnesium tweeter and a low-frequency speaker with a composite cone.


In the construction of the case, only natural materials or materials suitable for recycling are used. The power of the built-in amplifier in class D is 90 watts , the model also has an automatic calibration system for the acoustic conditions of the room AcousticRoom . Physical inputs are represented by a 3.5 mm jack and a USB port. With dimensions of 290 x 200 x 195 mm, the column weighs 4.5 kg .


The A.bsolument Prodige wireless speaker is sold on the French market for 690 euros .

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