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Acoustics Pylon Amber MKII: powerful floor-standing two-way speakers with tweeter horn

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The Polish acoustics company Pylon has released the Amber mkII fundamental flooring units. Their maximum power of 400 watts (with an impedance of 4 ohms) is realized by a pair of 12-inch woofers, between which a compression tweeter from the German company BMS is placed.

The tweeter works, rather, in the role of a midrange / high frequency emitter – it starts playing at 1200 Hz. It uses a small Tractrix horn for the acoustic design, and Pylon claims they have avoided the inherent “horn” sound problems.

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But for the novelty, the declared sensitivity is 97 dB. With a height of up to 125 cm, the Pylon Amber mkII are ready to sound a room up to 100 m². The speakers are mounted on spikes and are equipped with magnetic grills.

In terms of design, the Amber mkII offers 11 variants of oak veneer only, impregnated with oil and wax. Then there are veneer finishes of various wood under varnish, just colored varnish or individual orders in RAL colors.

In Europe, Pylon Amber mkII speakers cost 4,500 euros per pair.

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