Airpulse A100: New wireless bookshelf speakers

Airpulse A100

The new Airpulse A100 wireless bookshelf speakers are offered in classic black and white piano lacquer, as well as in a bright red lacquer. The overall styling of the Airpulse A100 was inspired by the flagship Airpulse 7001 near-field monitors designed by Phil Jones .

The Airpulse A100 loudspeaker uses a proprietary high frequency ribbon horn, inherited from the 7001 . The thinnest aluminum ribbon diaphragm is designed to provide excellent transient response, high sensitivity, extended frequency response and impressive sonic detail.

The mid-range is serviced by a 5-inch driver with an anodized aluminum alloy cone suspended from a sturdy and rigid magnesium die-cast frame. The speaker is equipped with a 35 mm voice coil. The internal wiring is made with an acoustic cable of the American brand Transparent Cable .

The body is made of robust 18 mm thick MDF boards and is fully lined with professional sound-absorbing material. The oval-shaped bass reflex port on the rear of the speakers has been specially optimized to minimize airflow noise.

The Airpulse A100 wireless audio system’s switching arsenal includes a USB port , an analog minijack and a digital optical port. But the main one, of course, is the Bluetooth v5.0 wireless channel, made on the basis of the Qualcomm chipset .

On the back of the case there are controls for bass, treble and volume. The set includes a wireless remote control that allows you to select the active input, adjust the volume and mute the sound if necessary.

In the US, a pair of Airpulse A100 wireless monitors can be purchased for $ 799 .

Main technical characteristics of Airpulse A100 wireless acoustics:

  • HF:    Ribbon tweeter in horn design;
  • MF / LF:    5-inch aluminum cone speaker with neodymium magnet system;
  • Acoustic design: bass reflex
  • Gain, W: HF: 10 + 10, MF / LF: 40 + 40
  • Signal to noise ratio, dB (A): ≥ 90
  • Frequency response band, Hz: 52 – 40,000
  • Inputs: AUX, PC, USB, optical (up to 24 bit / 192 kHz), Bluetooth.
  • Single column dimensions, cm: 16.0 x 28.3 x 25.5


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