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Albedo Axcentia MKII – New three-way speakers from Italy

Axcentia MKII

Albedo Audio has released a new model of three-way speaker Axcentia MKII , which, according to the manufacturer, different Linear Phase design.

The system is built on ceramic drivers from the German Accuton , the set of speakers includes a 1.2 ” tweeter, a 5″ midrange speaker, and two 7 ” woofers. The transmission line with the Helmholine resonator was chosen as the acoustic design , the output of which has an original shape and is brought out to the lower panel. The crossover is first-order and provides maximum system frequency and phase linearity. The speaker sensitivity is declared at the level of 87 dB , the nominal impedance is 8 Ohm , the frequency range is 35 – 20,000 Hz… The Albedo Axcentia MKII has a multi-layer body with metal panels and internal spacers. With dimensions of 62 x 25 x 125 cm, each speaker weighs 85 kilograms .

More info – Albedo Audio