AlphaTheta WAVE-EIGHT: A portable speaker perfect for DJs


If you want to celebrate a party anywhere or at any time, you will probably have to spend a good sum of money on sound equipment that lives up to the demands. For example, in the professional speaker range you can seriously consider AlphaTheta WAVE-EIGHT, an option designed specifically for those who mix music.

AlphaTheta WAVE-EIGHT is a high-end portable speaker with an 8-inch driver that will make it easy for you to create a music environment indoors and outdoors thanks to its built-in battery with support for up to 8 hours of completely wire-free playback.

Classic design and easy to carry

As can be seen in the product images, the design style is totally classic and consistent with what one expects in professional audio equipment, although at the same time it has some facilities designed so that you can take it with you to any party without it being a great annoyance. Its official dimensions are 300 × 554 × 337 mm and its total weight is 12.7 kilograms .

Although they are not immediately apparent at first glance, the equipment has rear wheels that make it possible to move it without having to use force, while transport handles on both the top and side allow you to carry it in two different ways. And if you look at its underside you will find a 35 mm hole so you can install it on a conventional stand.

So that it can be part of an outdoor party and it is not a risk if it starts to rain or you are near a pool or the sea, the AlphaTheta WAVE-EIGHT has an IPX4 certification that makes it completely resistant to splashes.

Finally, regarding its physical connections, on its rear area you will find a series of varied ports, such as two XLR/TRS combo jack inputs, a ¼ TRS connector, a 3.5 mm stereo minijack and an output XLR.

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AlphaTheta WAVE-EIGHT can be placed horizontally or vertically

The key to the performance of this speaker is the use of technology inherited from Pioneer DJ, a market leader in the design and production of innovative equipment and software for professionals, which allows you to achieve ultra-low latency results at the same time. to stream audio wirelessly via the Bluetooth standard.

Internally, you will also find in the AlphaTheta WAVE-EIGHT a highly efficient Class D amplifier, a new generation 8 driver created by the same brand and a “Vortex Bass Accelerator” that works on the representation of more powerful bass tones but without losing clarity. , something ideal to bring the details of electronic music to any corner, even at outdoor parties.

Keep in mind that if you need to cover larger events you have the option of syncing multiple speakers in stereo mode for an expansive experience, or adding a third as a subwoofer for rich bass sound. Just press the switch to switch between Mono, Stereo and Subwoofer modes.

Forget about cables

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AlphaTheta WAVE-EIGHT has rear wheels to move it

On the one hand, among the best of its operation is the use of an internal battery that will give you around 8 hours of continuous playback (it recharges to 100% in approximately 4 hours), as well as a USB-C input with charging technology Inversely, that is, it can also be used as a large external battery to recharge your mobile phone or other device that has run out of power.

Likewise, you will find an included transmitter in its storage compartment that you can connect directly to your DJ equipment regardless of its model and thus instantly create a wireless connection with no cables in sight. Even if you pair the AlphaTheta WAVE-EIGHT with the new OMNIS-DUO All-in-One portable DJ system from the same brand that also runs on an internal battery, the experience becomes 100% portable.

Finally, keep in mind that if you purchase this equipment you are targeting an environment of parties and gatherings away from home. Do you want a more conventional speaker? For example, the Samsung SWA-W700 with its elegant cubic design will give you up to 350W of power to create a spectacular home sound system, whether for listening to music, watching movies or playing games.

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