Atman launches Sylph which turns any surface into a speaker

Atman Sylph
Atman Sylph

The French company Atman has released an original device called Sylph , which is able to make a dynamic emitter from almost any surface in the room.

ImageIt is enough to place Atman Sylph on any surface in the house – a floor, a ceiling, a window, a thin partition, supply power and an audio cable, and the device will start playing a music signal. Apparently, the model is a combination of a voice coil and a magnetic system that tends to turn any smooth surface into a cone. It is not for nothing that the specifications of the model indicate the input power of 50 watts and the resistance of 8 ohms . Several of these modules are controlled by a single digital unit via Bluetooth, the weight of one device is 0.8 kg, dimensions are 107 x 107 x 43 mm .

ImageAccording to the manufacturer, Atman Sylph has been developed for two years, and its design is patented. At the moment the model does not have a final retail price, it is intended mainly for professional installers.

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