Audel Nika

Audel Nika MK III: Stylish Italian monitors with wideband drivers

Audel has introduced the third generation of Nika mk III bookshelf speakers . Traditionally for the Nika model , the novelty is equipped with full-range speakers with 3-inch aluminum-magnesium alloy cones on Santoprene suspension , working in a multiplex labyrinth acoustic design.

Audel Nika mk III - stylish monitors with wideband drivers

In fact, this is an elongated version of the slotted bass reflex, the channel of which crosses the internal space of the speaker three times and goes out to the front panel. The speaker cabinet is made of multi-layer birch plywood with variable geometry and finished with natural veneer.

In the third generation, the sensitivity of monitors has increased by 1 dB to 87 dB. Compact bookshelf speakers are claimed to operate in the 60 Hz to 20 kHz range. Additionally, installation platforms and protective grills can be purchased for the speakers.

Audel Nika mk III - stylish monitors with wideband drivers


Its channel crosses the entire depth of the cabinet three times – with an exit on the front panel. In order to keep the body as rigid as possible, it is glued from layers of birch veneer of variable geometry. In Audel called the decision a multiplex design.

The speaker bezels are finished with rosehip veneer. The unusual texture is hand polished and finished with shellac, contrasting with the lighter shades of birch plywood.

Audel Nika mk III - stylish monitors with wideband drivers

In Europe, Audel Nika mk III bookshelf monitors can be purchased for 1,299 euros . An optional set of branded supports will cost an additional 399 euros , and protective grills can be purchased for 129 euros .

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