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AudioSolutions Figaro XL2: A new generation of speaker systems from Lithuania

AudioSolutions Figaro XL2 is a dramatically redesigned 3-way floor-standing speaker system with advanced technologies developed for the flagship speaker. 

The Lithuanian company AudioSolutions presented a new generation of popular floor-standing speaker systems Figaro XL, which received the index 2 in the name. The AudioSolutions Figaro XL2 is a dramatically redesigned 3-way floor-standing speaker system with advanced technologies developed for AudioSolutions’ flagship speaker. The first generation of this model was introduced more than six years ago.

Speaker systems AudioSolutions Figaro XL2

Figaro XL2 is equipped with a modernized soft dome tweeter in a mini-horn design. ER paper cones are used for midrange and bass drivers. The speakers have a maximally expanded mid-frequency range, which extends from 400 Hz to 4 kHz, which allows the cross-linking points of the bands to be moved beyond the frequency spectrum that is most sensitive to the human ear, thereby improving sound quality. According to one of the creators of Figaro XL2 and owner of AudioSolutions Gediminas Gaidelis, this solution improves the perception of the sound of multi-way acoustics, and the listener receives “uniform, continuous sound emanating from one speaker, with almost zero phase shift.”

Speaker systems AudioSolutions Figaro XL2

One of the significant innovations of the second generation of acoustics was the use of AudioSolutions cabinet-in-cabinet technology , developed for Virtuoso acoustic systems. This body assembly method is also used in the flagship model The Vantage.

Speaker systems AudioSolutions Figaro XL2

“Our cabinet-in-cabinet technology eliminates virtually all vibrations through the skillful use of a light and rigid inner housing with an inert and heavy outer housing, separated by a polyurethane damping layer,” emphasizes Gediminas Gaidelis, founder of AudioSolutions .

Speaker systems AudioSolutions Figaro XL2

AudioSolutions Figaro XL2 speakers are available in seven different Bespoke Trim colors, including metallic brass accents, as well as a contemporary matte speaker finish that pairs perfectly with neutral living spaces. After some time, glossy finishes will also be offered.

Speaker systems AudioSolutions Figaro XL2

Recommended retail prices for AudioSolutions Figaro XL2 speaker systems in Europe range from 20 to 25 thousand euros per pair of speakers, depending on the finish.

AudioSolutions Figaro XL2 specs:

  • Type: three-way floorstanding passive speaker system
  • Speakers: 19mm silk dome tweeter, two 15.2cm ER paper cone midrange drivers, four 23.3cm ER paper cone woofers.
  • Crossover frequency: 400 Hz; 4 kHz
  • Frequency response: 24 Hz – 25 kHz
  • Nominal impedance: 8 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 92dB (2.83V/1m)
  • Recommended amplifier power: 20 – 900 W
  • Single speaker dimensions (H x W x D): 1,918 x 336 x 581 mm
  • Single column weight: 115 kg


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