Avantgarde Acoustic Duo GT and Duo SD
Avantgarde Acoustic Duo GT and Duo SD

Avantgarde Acoustic unveiled the new Duo GT and Duo SD

The German company Avantgarde Acoustic , which specializes in the development and production of horn acoustic systems, has introduced a new generation of Duo GT and Duo SD models , which the manufacturer positions as “entry level” acoustics.


This is the third generation of D uo GT ( Grande Twin ) loudspeakers , which have been produced since 1993. It features the new XT3 super tweeter designed for the Trio series, a pair of XM2 670mm horn midrange drivers and Spacehorn’s 12″ XB12 bass drivers with 152mm voice coil, designed for the Trio G3. The low-frequency section can be active – a 1kW Itron Activ Power amplifier is available as an option. AC with a nominal impedance of 18 ohms has a sensitivity of 107 dB. The Duo GT is 173 cm high and weighs 108.5 kg.


The Avantgarde Acoustic Duo SD features a single bass driver and the same treble and midrange horns as the Duo GT, but the speaker is 155cm high and weighs 94kg. For the Duo SD model, a kilowatt Itron Activ Power bass amplifier and a wireless streaming module are available as options.


The recommended retail price of the older model Avantgarde Acoustic D uo GT is 42,280 euros . The smaller Duo SD will cost 32,360 euros . Itron Activ Power two – channel bass amplifier is offered for 11,480 euros .

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