Avantone Gauss 7: New 2-Way Monitors with GAU-AMT Tweeter and Position Adjustment

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Avantone has decided to take up the baton from the legendary Gauss Speaker Company 20-30 years ago, releasing two-way active bookshelf Avantone Gauss 7.

According to the manufacturer, these reference near-field monitors have combined vintage sound “old school” with the capabilities of modern systems.

The best qualities of the Gauss 7 are provided by the patented GAU-AMT ribbon tweeter. It is equipped with an aluminum-coated polyethylene terephthalate (PET) membrane. The tweeter provided an extended listening spot and airiness in the high frequency range with minimal dependence on surroundings.

The Gauss 7 7-inch white woofer cone is reminiscent of classic monitors from the 90s. The driver is based on the proprietary AV10-MLF speaker, however, according to Avantone, it was created from scratch.

The material of the diffuser is a cellulose-fiberglass composite with secret additives. The external suspension is made of Japanese unidirectional styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR). It has optimized the power and travel of the diffuser.

Each of the speakers is equipped with a two-channel class D amplifier with a power of 120 and 60 W for the woofer and tweeter, respectively. The signal to the monitors is fed via balanced XLR inputs and a 6.35mm jack. The rear panel also contains a volume control (Gain) and three-position switches for position correction (Acoustic Placement) and high frequency level (High Trim).

All this is housed in a black medium density fiberboard cabinet with natural wood veneer.

In the US, Avantone Gauss 7 monitors will cost $ 800 per pair.

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