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Beyerdynamic SPACE: Wireless speaker for work and play

Beyerdynamic SPACE
Beyerdynamic SPACE

Beyerdynamic has introduced a new model of a wireless speaker system called SPACE , addressed to those users who work from home.

As a combination of a speakerphone and a traditional Bluetooth speaker system, the model has two special modes Voice Mode and Music Mode , which are activated depending on the usage scenario. What’s more, two speakers can be paired to create a stereo system. The round speaker system is finished in fabric and is available in three different colors – gray, black and aquamarine. Claimed battery life on a single charge is 20 hours .

  • Personal speakerphone for phone calls and meetings using audio and video call apps, such as Microsoft Teams® and Zoom
  • Ideal mobile hands-free solution for use in your home office, work office and spare time
  • High-quality loudspeaker system for excellent music playback
  • Innovative and mobile design
  • Easy to connect to a smartphone, tablet or laptop via Bluetooth® or USB for calls and music

The Beyerdynamic SPACE Wireless Speaker System retails for £149 .

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