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Bluesound Pulse Sub Plus – A versatile 8 inch subwoofer!

Bluesound has presented the Bluesound Pulse Sub Plus. This is a versatile 8 inch subwoofer that can be purchased from October for a price of 849 euros. In principle, you can connect the subwoofer to all kinds of Bluesound products, but the manufacturer does emphasize the Sound Bar. This model is the successor to the 6 inch Pulse Sub and has a deeper bass than that model.

The Pulse Sub Plus has an 8 inch long throw woofer and 150 watt Smart Amplifier with DSP for low frequencies up to 22 Hz. The subwoofer is primarily intended for home cinema setups and for movie lovers. But music lovers should also be able to get along with this product. For even more bass, you can add a two Pulse Sub Plus to your home setup. You can arrange all that via the company’s BlueOS application. There you optimize the sound settings for both woofers. Setting up the product for the first time is also done via the app.

Bluesound Pulse Sub Plus

Bluesound Pulse Sub Plus in White

Despite its powerful output, Bluesound has paid attention to the format of the Bluesound Pulse Sub Plus. For example, you can hide the subwoofer by placing it under a cupboard or sofa. But you can also place it in plain sight and hang it on the wall, for example.

In principle, the subwoofer is also completely wireless, except for the plug of course. This ensures that you can also place the sub wherever you want in the house, provided there is an outlet nearby.

Bluesound Pulse Sub Plus

Bluesound Pulse Sub Plus in black

Price and availability

The Bluesound Pulse Sub Plus can be purchased from the end of October at dealers where you will also find other Bluesound products. It is available in the colors white and black, for a price of 849 euros.

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