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Borea BRA1: Surround speakers from Triangle

The company Triangle presented speakers with surround sound effect Borea BRA1 . They have joined the French brand Borea’s collection of inexpensive universal loudspeakers  . Like other Triangle products , Borea BRA1 speakers use technologies borrowed from the Esprit EZ range , including a fabric dome tweeter and a 16cm cellulose membrane driver. All this is mounted in an MDF case and equipped with protective grills with magnetic mounts.

Borea BRA1 - surround speakers from Triangle

The versatility of the Borea BRA1 is supported by an adjustable crossover that optimizes sound based on how the speakers are used. You can choose one of two modes of crossover operation: linear for forward scattering of horizontal effects and upward, when it is necessary to compensate for losses associated with indirect scattering of vertical 3D effects. The frequency range of acoustic systems  Borea BRA1 – 90 Hz – 22 kHz.

The speakers can be installed on top of the Borea BRO3 , BRO7 , BRO8 , BRO9 models or used as separate sound sources that are mounted on the wall using a special mounting system.

Acoustic systems Borea BRA1 are available in several colors: black, white, walnut, light oak . The speakers are priced at 399 euros per pair.

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