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Børresen Z5: 2.5-way floorstanding speaker from Denmark

The Danish company Børresen Acoustics has unveiled the Z5 floor-standing speakers , which topped the company’s junior line of acoustics. The speakers are built in a 2.5-way concept and are equipped with a large number of speakers. The high-frequency range is served by a branded ribbon tweeter measuring 75 x 30 mm. Together with a pair of 5 ”mid / bass drivers, it forms the d’Appolito configuration . On top is one of four 8-inch bass drivers. The other three are mounted at the bottom of the case.

Børresen Z5 - 2.5-way floorstanding speaker from Denmark

The speakers Børresen Z5 applied many proprietary technologies developed for senior line 0. This aforementioned ribbon tweeter, developing ideology tweeters Raidho , light diffusers and other speakers having a structure of “sandwich” of two sheets of carbon and a material disposed therebetween Nomex with honeycomb structure, and bass reflex ports with splitters.

Børresen Z5 - 2.5-way floorstanding speaker from Denmark

But something was specially designed for the Z series . For example, magnetic speaker systems. The older Series 0 used zero-iron speakers, which reduced the inductance to 0.04 mH, which is about 10 times less than most speakers on the market. For the younger line of acoustics, we had to develop magnetic systems separately. This time, it was not possible to do without iron, however, the inductance was kept within 0.06 mH.

Børresen Z5 - 2.5-way floorstanding speaker from Denmark

The frequency range of the Børresen Z5 floor standing speakers extends from 25 Hz to 50 kHz. With a nominal impedance of 4 ohms, the speakers demonstrate a sensitivity of 90 dB. Each speaker weighs 75 kg. The older model in the “budget” line of acoustics is estimated by the Danes at 40 thousand euros .


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