Bowers & Wilkins: Fourth generation 800 Diamond speakers

800 Diamond speakers

Bowers & Wilkins has unveiled a new generation of 800 Diamond acoustics. It includes seven models: 805 D4 shelf units, 804 D4, 803 D4, 802 D4 floorstands and flagship 801 D4, as well as HTM81 D4 and HTM82 D4 center channel acoustics.

It took six years to develop the line, and changes were made to almost every element of the design. The separate body, into which the proprietary tweeter is placed, is increased in length and reaches almost 30 cm – allegedly, due to this, the sound has become even more open.

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And the new two-point vibration isolation system effectively isolates it from the main part of the column. As before, this element is machined from a single piece of aluminum, but in the new generation of acoustics, anodizing will be used as a design.

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The 805 D4 and 804 D4 models feature a redesigned cabinet shape borrowed from the brand’s larger speakers – with a reverse curvature and increased rigidity. In such cases, the crossovers are installed in specially designated places on the rear panel behind the aluminum amplifiers of the structure.

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The HTM82 D4 center channel acoustics received a similar design. The 804 D4 also added a downward-facing bass reflex port and an aluminum base, also taken from the older models. The 801 D4 has a stainless steel port plate.

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We also paid a lot of attention to the speakers. The midrange features a proprietary Continuum diaphragm and the new Biomimetic Suspension technology: a minimalist system made from composite.

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Its main feature is a strong reduction in unwanted air pressure compared to the classic fabric suspension. According to the developer, due to it, it was possible to achieve greater transparency and realism, as well as get rid of sudden distortions.

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The bass wheels are made from Aerofoil and feature variable diaphragm thicknesses to maximize rigidity with minimal weight. In the new line, they are complemented by anti-resonant foam inserts that reduce distortion.

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The entire mid-range section is isolated from the main body: in the three-way models, the mid-range is mounted on an aluminum chassis and supplemented with dampers. The entire speaker, along with the coil, is also mounted on spring-loaded platforms.

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On the 803 D4, 802 D4 and 801 D4, the midrange section is housed in a massive aluminum Turbine Head box, which is also isolated from the bass section. Center channel systems use similar designs: all enclosures now have internal aluminum midrange chambers.

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In principle, there is a lot of aluminum: the front panels of the speakers are also reinforced with it from the inside. The updated Matrix strut system has added additional rigidity. The upper part of the speaker case is also made of aluminum, and the outside is decorated with leather.

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The larger models – 803 D4, 802 D4 and 801 D4 – are studs and castors for easy handling. Such a system was introduced back in 2015.

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The start of sales of all models of the line is scheduled for September this year.