Burmester B38: Three-way floor standing loudspeakers

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Burmester has announced the release of a new model of Burmester B38 floorstanding loudspeakers , which open a whole series of new products scheduled for release in 2021.

Burmester B38

The model is a three-way floor standing speaker design, each speaker measures 210 x 1165 x 460 mm. Set of speakers comprises tape emitter Air Motion Transformer (AMT) , midrange driver diameter 17 cm Cone glass and located on the side wall of the bass speaker with 32 cm double-layered cone cellulose and powerful neodymium magnet system. Crossover frequencies are set at 150 and 2400 Hz .

Burmester B38


The declared operating range of the system extends from 37 to 33,000 Hz , the sensitivity of the speaker is 86 dB . The body includes a massive aluminum front panel, the other walls are coated with either matt lacquer or natural wood veneer. The speakers are decoupled from the floor using a proprietary system of spring dampers. A three-position switch is provided on the rear panel to control the system’s low frequency response in the range from 150 to 37 Hz.

Burmester B38

The Burmester B38 floor standing loudspeakers are now available in the UK for £ 16,800 .

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