Burmester BC150: A compact addition to the Signature range

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According to Burmester, “The BC150 is an innovative leap forward in sound quality, technology and design.” The Burmester BC150 turrets are almost a quarter smaller than the “full-size” BC350 – 1,433 mm versus 1,889 mm. And the difference in weight turned out to be approximately twice – the speaker weighs 195 kg.

Externally, the BC150 is made in the same style, although the AMT planar tweeter on the front panel (aluminum plate combined with a MDF cabinet) is supplemented by not two, but one 18 cm speaker. According to the manufacturer, the tweeter has been adapted to the new acoustic conditions. The midrange uses oval coil drivers, which Burmester believes increases the stability of the lightweight cone. A very powerful magnet also contributes to the sound quality.

At low frequencies, the BC150 uses the same side-firing 32cm woofer, also borrowed from the flagship BC350. The crossover is tuned to 155 Hz / 1,800 Hz. A band-by-band connection is provided. Burmester especially noted the quality of the branded internal wiring, which, due to the minimum resistance, practically does not affect the sound.

It should be noted that the sensitivity of the new product, equal to 88.5 dB, turned out to be lower than that of the flagship. The lower frequency limit turned out to be at 34 Hz, that is, 4 Hz higher – geometry in acoustics cannot be fooled. The rated power is 400 W, only 150 W lower than that of the older brother.

Thanks to interchangeable decor elements, the speaker design can be adapted to customer requirements without re-installing the system.

The Burmester BC150, the junior Signature floorstands, will be priced at £ 97,500 in the UK.

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