Cabasse unveils Pearl Myuki wireless speaker

Cabasse Pearl Myuki
Cabasse Pearl Myuki

French speaker manufacturer Cabasse has shown a new spherical active speaker called Pearl Myuki at the High End in Munich. The Pearl Myuki is a new portable and wireless compact active speaker with a battery. Delivery will start in June 2024.

Cabase Pearl Myuki: spherical active speaker

The Pearl Myuki has three drivers on board, namely a Dome 45 full-range driver and two woofers with a diameter of 12 centimeters, arranged in a Push-Push layout, working in a very compact housing. The drivers are equipped with membranes with a honeycomb structure, which, according to the designers, ensure accurate, sturdy and tight bass reproduction. Cabasse specifies a frequency range of 30 Hz to 23 kHz.

The spherical Pearl Myuki speaker fits into any interior. It will soon be available in a matte black or matte white finish with chrome edges and details in black or silver. Additionally, the woofers feature a Lissajous embossed pattern, adding a touch of sophistication to the aesthetic appeal.

With a diameter of 17 centimeters and a weight of approximately two kilograms, the Pearl Myuki comes with a handle that allows the speaker to be easily moved from room to room. For outdoor use, the included custom bag allows carrying by hand or over the shoulder. Cabasse can also supply a suitable wall bracket.

The specified playing time with a full battery is twelve hours. It is possible to connect two copies in a stereo mode.

Cabase Pearl Myuki: control and connectivity

The Pearl Myuki features six LED-backlit touch keys with discrete haptic feedback, making operation effortless (source/play, pause/volume/on/off). More extensive operation and multi-room display is possible via the Stream Control app.

Music can come in wirelessly via Bluetooth or WiFi or via a 3.5 millimeter jack plug input or an optical cable (S/PDIF). Furthermore, the Pearl Myuki has an Ethternet LAN port and a USB-C connection and of course use of internet radio and common streaming services is also possible as well as use of a local music library on a NAS.

Cabasse Pearl Myuki: price and delivery information

We have not yet heard official price and delivery information, but the Pearl Myuki will reportedly go on sale in June 2024 for just under 700 euros.