Check out this Transparent Bluetooth speaker

Check out this Transparent speaker that lasts a lifetime
Check out this Transparent speaker that lasts a lifetime

Stockholm-based electronics brand Transparent has released a Bluetooth speaker that the company says is designed to last a lifetime.

The speaker is made in the style of a street lamp, it is portable with a detachable handle, weatherproof to IPX2 (can withstand light rain).

Inside the borosilicate glass and aluminum construction are sound drivers and lighting with color variations and a slight shimmer that follows the music. The brightness level is adjustable from soft charcoal to bright white reading light.

In the audio sense, the device has an output power of 5 W, for this it was equipped with a 2.5-inch wideband driver and a passive 3-inch radiator. Both are located in a horizontal plane in order to reproduce omnidirectional sound. The company claims battery life is 12 hours at 50 percent volume and brightness. Charging is via USB-C.

At the same time, Transparent strongly advocates the reduction of unnecessary waste, for this, modular designs are used, which allows branded components to be repaired and updated as needed. This applies in particular to new batteries.

Interestingly, like the company’s first transparent speaker, Light Speaker started as a Kickstarter project that raised over $165,000 from 591 backers before closing at the end of 2021.