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Classic 1978 Mission 770 2-Ways Get a Modern Version

Classic 1978 Mission 770 2-Ways Get a Modern Version
Classic 1978 Mission 770 2-Ways Get a Modern Version

The Mission 770, a speaker that came out a year after Farad Azima founded the Mission brand (07/07/1977), will return in a modern iteration. A team of designers and project engineers led by Peter Comeau, Mission Acoustic Design Director, tried to keep the vintage style of the 70s, but in a modern way.

First of all, a new 20 cm polypropylene mid/bass driver has been developed for the current 770s. 44 years ago, a polypropylene diffuser was considered the main feature of the model. The current version has received a mineral-enriched membrane and a nitrile external suspension. The speaker works on the front port of a variable section bass reflex (which expands at the input and output) – as a result, the Mission 770 plays even at frequencies below 30 Hz (with a blockage of -6 dB).

The tweeter is a 28mm microfiber dome with a well-damped rear chamber. Its fundamental resonance is shifted far below the crossover frequency. In general, with an unevenness of +/-3 dB, the speakers win back the range of 42 Hz-20 kHz.

As for the crossover, according to Mission, the developers have tested about 170 scheme options. We settled on two boards, separate for high and low frequencies, with the shortest possible signal paths, polypropylene capacitors and air-core coils.


Natural wood cabinet measuring 59 x 30 x 30 cm is covered with natural walnut or ebony veneer. The kit includes a pair of special custom floor stands with a metal frame and stainless steel spikes. The novelty will go on sale before the end of March.

A pair of Mission 770s with stands will cost £3,500 in the UK.

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