Dali Oberon C are active and wireless

OBERON 7 C interior 1140x725 1

Actually, it’s weird that not many people make speakers with a built-in amplifier. And Im not thinking about portable or table speakers, but good stereo speakers, which you can put on the bookshelf or next to the TV. Klipsch makes a couple of pieces, KEF has LSX, but few have a series of active speakers.

Dynaudio excepted.

But Dali has figured it out, and made a series called Oberon C, which consists of a floor stand, a bookshelf model and a pair of wall speakers. All are wireless with a built-in amplifier, and only need to be connected to power, so you can stream music via Bluetooth on your mobile.

OBERON C On Wall interior 02 scaled 1
Oberon C wall speakers

They have a built-in HDMI connector with audio return, so you can connect to the TV and get much better stereo sound than you get from a soundboard, and control the volume from the remote control. The wall-mounted Oberon On-Wall C is an excellent alternative to a soundboard, and the compact Oberon C1 fits in most bookshelves.


For those who want even more potent sound, the floor-standing Oberon 7 C with two 7-inch bass elements may be a better choice. They fill larger rooms with more power and fullness, and like the other speakers in the series, they use Dalis SMC bass elements with fiber-based diaphragms, and a light 29mm treble.

DALI Oberon 7C Product Cam01 Walnut Front scaled 1

As you can see, the speakers are available in white, black, light oak veneer with white fronts and walnut veneer with black fronts, and the connection to the Sound Hub Compact is on the back.

Because they can not do without a junction box, which acts as a link between audio sources and speakers. It connects to the speakers, but is otherwise wireless, and in addition to the aforementioned HDMI ARC jack and Bluetooth, has an analog RCA stereo input, two optical inputs, and an output for a subwoofer.


It can be operated from the top, or from the included remote control, where you can select the volume and sound source. It also has auto-selection of input, so it automatically selects TV audio when you turn on a TV that is connected via HDMI.

The speakers have two built-in 50 watt class D amplifier modules, with DSP control of eq and division of frequency to the elements, and they can be connected in a home theater solution if desired.

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