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DALI OPTICON – Dali introduces new series of speakers!

dali opticon 6 walnut

DALI introduced the new series of speakers, DALI OPTICON MK2. The new series has six models and all are equipped with the latest new technologies and innovations to offer top performance in the category defined by True HiFi!

The DALI OPTICON MK2 series is available in the following models: 1 MK2, 2 MK2, 6 MK2, 8 MK2, LCR MK2 and VOKAL MK2 (central).

Dali Opticon MK2

Their fresh new aesthetic design offers a significant visual upgrade from the original OPTICON series. The front is either white or matte black and provides a rigid base for drivers. The cabins on the side surfaces have three new finishes. Black satin, white satin or Tobacco Oak. The covers in the MK2 series are made of a new quality fabric, in black for the two darkest finishes and a light gray for the white finish.

The tweeters have been upgraded to a 29 mm soft dome tweeter, and come from the CALLISTO series. These are used in all six OPTICON MK2 models. The new tweeter platforms are made of cast aluminum and give the speakers a fantastic new look.

dali opticon 6

The OPTICON 6 MK2 and the Opticon 8 MK2 use a special hybrid tweeter unit. The bass and mid-range guides incorporate the unique DALI wood fiber bulkheads and SMC (Soft Magnet Compound) technology from the flagship DALI EPICON series.