DALI Rubikore: A new series of Danish speakers

DALI Rubikore – a new series of speaker systems from Denmark
DALI Rubikore – a new series of speaker systems from Denmark

During the High End Show 2024 in Munich, DALI Loudspeakers, a Danish company, unveiled their latest speaker series called DALI Rubikore. These speakers are equipped with innovative solutions that were originally developed for their flagship speaker, Kore.

The Rubikore series consists of various models, including two floor-standing options known as Rubikore 6 and Rubikore 8. Additionally, there is a shelf model called Rubikore 2, a wall-mounted version called Rubikore On-Wall, and an LCR speaker named Rubikore Cinema. The On-Wall and LCR models come with a rotating hybrid tweeter module, providing users with greater flexibility when it comes to speaker placement.

Together with the DALI Rubikore series of loudspeakers, the Danish company introduced a new 6.5-inch midrange/woofer with a dual magnet system and a Clarity Cone cone made of a mixture of paper and wood fibers, providing a natural reproduction of midrange frequencies. The Rubikore 8 speakers have three of these speakers, while the Rubikore 6 has two.

Also, the drivers of the new Rubikore speakers use DALI’s patented SMC (Soft Magnetic Compound) magnetic material technology, designed to reduce distortion, flux modulation and eddy currents in the magnetic system.

DALI Rubikore speaker series

The new range also debuts a new low-loss DALI dome tweeter, which uses solutions developed for the flagship Kore Evo-K hybrid tweeter. All models of the Rubikore series are equipped with this hybrid tweeter (soft dome plus ribbon), with the exception of the Rubikore 2 bookshelf monitors, which use a dome high-frequency driver.

Speaker systems DALI Rubikore 2The crossovers of the older floor-standing models Rubikore 6 and 8 use SMC Kore inductors, which minimize signal loss. To top it all off, the Rubikore 2, 6 and 8 speakers feature proprietary Continuous Flare Reflex Ports to maximize efficiency and reduce air turbulence and noise.

Speaker systems DALI Rubikore 6The speakers are offered in piano lacquer in black, burgundy and white, as well as in natural walnut veneer. A pair of Rubikore 2 bookshelf speakers in the UK will be available for £2,299 , the smaller Rubikore 6 floorstanding speakers will cost £4,499 , and the older Rubikore 8 will cost £5,999 . The Rubikore On – Wall speaker costs £1,299 each, while the Rubikore Cinema LCR speaker costs £1,799 each.