Denon DHT-S517: Soundbar with Dolby Atmos, eARC and proprietary dialogue enhancement

Denon DHT-S517
Denon DHT-S517

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With a wireless subwoofer and up-firing Dolby Atmos speakers, the Denon DHT-S517 soundbar has a 3.1.2 configuration . In addition to the convenient HDMI eARC TV connection, you can also use the digital optical input. An alternative HDMI port is also provided, and the appropriate cables are included with the remote control.

As a pure music system, the novelty also offered a Bluetooth connection. Moreover, you can use one of three audio modes: “Cinema”, “Music” and “Night”.

For movie soundtracks, the Denon Dialogue Enhancer comes in handy. The purpose is clear from the name, and the efficiency can also be adjusted in three different modes.


For music, the proprietary Pure Mode function, taken from Denon AV receivers, is more suitable, when all electronics not used for sound are turned off for sound purity.

The soundbar was released in one color version – black. The cost of Denon DHT-S517 in Europe was 400 euros.

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