Denon Home wireless speakers get Amazon Alexa support

Denon has released an update for its Home range. The Wireless Speakers 150, 250, 350 and the Home Sound Bar 550 now boast built-in Amazon Alexa.

To start using the voice assistant, you need to turn on the speaker’s microphones and link it to your Alexa account, all of which can be done via the Denon HEOS mobile app. The activated microphone will be indicated by the LED indicator that all Home devices are equipped with.

The update also includes the activation of two new touch-sensitive buttons on the speakers: one will quickly turn on / off the microphone, the other activates a special mode in which the voice assistant will recognize commands without re-calling “Alexa”.

Among other things, Denon drew attention to the new features of the Sound Bar 550: connection of rear speakers, improved bass transmission and optimized sound in general.