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World’s first Dolby Atmos wireless transmission technology is introduced to Samsung soundbars

Dolby Atmos wireless transmission technology is introduced to Samsung soundbars
Dolby Atmos wireless transmission technology is introduced to Samsung soundbars

Samsung  has  released a list of soundbars for 2022, which includes 12 models. Among the changes, the company notes improved design and technical developments, including the ability to wirelessly receive a  Dolby Atmos signal from a compatible Samsung TV, which is implemented for the first time in a device of this kind.

At the head of the line is the flagship  Q990B  with a powerful 11.1.4 configuration including four upper channels. It comes with a subwoofer and two rear speakers for deep immersion. The Q910B  and  Q800B  models immediately following it  offer a 9.1.2 and 5.1.2 configuration , respectively.

“Creating a great 360-degree soundstage from the soundbar demonstrates Samsung’s commitment to innovation in audio technology,” the company says.

Among the features of the 2022 soundbars,  Samsung  notes  Space Fit sound calibration technology depending on the acoustics of the room, an improved  Q-Symphony function that syncs the device with a compatible  Samsung TV , support for  HDMI eARC ,  AirPlay 2 ,  Chromecast  and voice control. And the Dolby Atmos  wireless transmission capability mentioned above  will be available in the  and  S series  .

In terms of design excellence, the company is proud to present the sleek  S800B Ultra Slim (in black) which, despite its compact size, is as powerful and sound as its larger counterparts. For buyers, its modification will also be available  S801B , which differs only in white.

World sales of new products will start in April. The list of 2022 models is given below.


  • HW-Q990B
  • HW-Q910B
  • HW-Q800B
  • HW-Q700B
  • HW-Q600B
  • HW-Q60B


  • HW-S800B and HW-S801B Ultra Slim
  • HW-S60B
  • HW-S50B

Serie B

  • HW-B650
  • HW-B550
  • HW-B450

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