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DUVOSS U3: A portable speaker that attaches to a smartphone


A portable speaker has appeared on the Internet, which can be a pleasant addition to any smartphone. It was called DUVOSS U3 . According to the developers, the device can be attached to any smartphone model with a metal body.

The housing contains several multi-directional speakers. Thus, it was possible to create a surround sound effect. Connection to the signal source occurs using Bluetooth or NFC . There is a single physical button on the case – it is responsible for turning the speaker on and off, as well as for switching music tracks. If desired, two DUVOSS U3 speakers can be combined into a stereo pair.


The device body is made of plastic and aluminum, and its weight is only 105 grams. The speaker is attached to the surface of the smartphone using several magnets located on the back side. The developers also equipped their creation with a carabiner, making it convenient to carry the speaker on clothes or a backpack.

The capacity of the built-in rechargeable battery is enough for 6 hours of autonomous operation. The charge can be fully recharged in 2 hours.

Price: $49

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