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Dynaudio Announces Focus Series of Active Wireless Speakers with WiSA Support

Dynaudio Announces Focus Series of Active Wireless Speakers with WiSA Support
Dynaudio Announces Focus Series of Active Wireless Speakers with WiSA Support

The Dynaudio Focus line of acoustics has replaced the eight-year-old Focus XD systems. All three of today’s Dynaudio Focus models were shown at High End Munich 2022. The new products share a visible common detail – a 28mm soft dome tweeter from Cerotar. Similar speakers debuted in the Dynaudio Evoke line in 2019. The built-in amplifiers are borrowed from Dynaudio’s professional studio monitors.

The youngest of the novelties, the Focus 10 shelf speaker, has such a 280 W amplifier connected to a 14 cm woofer in a sealed enclosure. For the tweeter, 110 watts were allocated. The next model is the 2.5-way Focus 30 shelf speaker, in which there are already two mid-bass speakers of this caliber. The fully three-way flagship of the Focus 50 line received, in addition to the same tweeter and midrange, a pair of 18 cm woofers.

All three models are WiSA and Roon Ready certified, all support UPnP and have a Bluetooth module. And, by the way, in addition to the “musical” application, it also provides the operation of a regular remote control. The alternative is the Dynaudio mobile app.

The built-in streaming platform uses components similar to branded streamers, with support for TIDAL Connect and Spotify Connect, Qplay, AirPlay 2 and Google Chromecast. In addition, Dynaudio Focus is ready to receive audio signal and cable – both in digital and analog form. Of all the popular switching, there is only an HDMI port.


If the Focus is ready to work with bit rates up to 24 bit / 96 kHz in a wireless connection, then the cable will also allow you to evaluate the sound of 24 bit / 192 kHz. In addition, the speakers are compatible with Dirac Live, that is, you can count on high-quality correction of room acoustics. Focus speakers are even able to detect whether grills are installed on them or not – in accordance with this, the DSP settings change.

All Dynaudio Focus speakers are available in four finishes: gloss white, gloss black, walnut and light wood.

In Europe, the price of the Dynaudio Focus 10 speakers was 5,000 euros, the Focus 30 was 7,500 euros, and the Focus 50 was 10,000 euros.

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